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WHICH Love has to do with It?

What do you mean when you say, “I Love You”?

I was listening to a sermon today on the word ‘love’ that got me to thinking. There are so many variations and intentions in the English language referencing love. If we look at the biblical orientations of this profound word; Are we really meaning what we say, or saying what we mean?

Let’s reflect:

1. Do you Agape (Pronounced: Uh-GAH-pay) me? A generous move by one for the sake of another, a divine love, a love that cannot be experienced without God.

2. Do you Philia (Pronounced: FILL-ee-uh) me? A trusted confidant, the love between casual friends, the kissing of the cheeks, the most general type of love, brotherly love.

3. Do you Eros me? Longing, craving, desiring, totally sensual, erotic, seeks its own interest and satisfaction, reserved for marriage.

4. Do you Storge (Pronounced: STOR-jay) me? Family love (natural, spiritual), children and parents, brothers and sisters, an affectionate bond.

As we ponder these four types of Love. Have we ‘Eros’ someone that should have been ‘Philia’. Do we say we ‘Agape’ someone, but have no relationship with God? Which ‘love’ are we referring to when we say that we “Love Someone”? Like I said, I’m just thinking.

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