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Success or Significance

Many of us at one time or another, set out on a journey for some form of success. We began mapping out what this adventure would look like, and created a transitional collage of gathered information, stipulated instructions, organized disciplines, and values we could stand upon.

Then we merged it all into a compilation we hope would enlighten, inspire, and energize us with the aspiration to achieve something great.

Well, after making the choice to go back to school, receive another degree, and multiply my student loan debt, I have ascertained that the nature of success is not predicated on the number of degrees an individual holds, but it is the combination of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding needed, to manifest what we are created to do, with the person we are destined to become. So, instead of calling this mapping out success, let’s call it a quest for significance.

You see, seeking significance produces a divine appointment that aligns our reasons, our hopes, our dreams to the will of God for our lives. This type of success is compelled by a calling, driven by vision, and fueled with a mission to change the world around us one word, one thought, one act at a time: To its betterment, not to its detriment. Having significance is not a trend to be duplicated. It is an established belief system of courage meeting timidity, and building upon the foundation of faith, forward thinking, and nurturing connections.

The residual affects rising from the pandemic has demonstrated in a monstrous, yet undeniable way that living life to the fullest will require some type of change. There is a restructuring happening in the world, which has shifted the paradigm of business as usual. There is an assertiveness in us, to break up the grounds of complacency, and engage this moment as an introductory towards reinventing ourselves and remaining relevant in this ‘new normal’.

May we be empowered to live life in the belief that God has more for us to do, and it is vital that we do our part to stay prepared, focused, determined, and internally motivated. As we pursue the factuality of our existence, we will be propelled to investigate our God-given assignments, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, and He will confirm our platforms. A platform of our calling to fulfill; a vocation to render; a passion to express; a vision to consume; a mission to accomplish; a profession worth exemplifying; and a truth that leads to prosperity.

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