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Prayer Filled Tears

Abba Father, help me not only to understand who I am, but to know whose I am.

You are the God and artist of the universe, the original craftsman. Everything that You formed has a dutiful yet beautiful reason for being. I am one of those reasons. I need your help in order to find my identity, my purpose for living this wonderful life that You have given me to live.

What have You destined me to do that will not only bring me joy, but will be used to be a blessing to others? Will you please grant me your wisdom and lead me into what You intend for my future? Help me to recognize, learn, and apply the truth of your revelations. Help me to move forward when my will just isn't there. You are my only hope and I dare not place my hope in anything, or anyone else. Sometimes I can't put into words the exact needs that my soul is yearning for, but I praise You my Lord, for your grace is sufficient to handle and supply for them all.

Although I go through afflictions, I am glad to know that I can look to You for all my help. I can trust You with all of me, all of my this, and all of my that. I am encouraged by the fact that You are bigger than my problems, circumstances, and situations. With all that you have done in me so far, there is still more that requires your attention. Issues, which are hiding in the innermost part of my heart that I have outcast from my consciousness; and I really want those things addressed.

Help me Holy Spirit to do my part and keep me from getting in Your way. Thank you for being so patient, loving, gentle, kind, merciful, and forgiving towards me. Your faithfulness, which is renewed each day is a breath of glorious fresh air. May You continue to bless my walk in humility and fill me up with the fruit of your Spirit. It is in the name of Jesus that I appeal to You, praise You, and thank You.

Lovingly Yours,

A daughter of hope

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