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Powerful Potential!


“And with great strength and ability and power the apostles delivered their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace (loving-kindness and favor and goodwill) rested richly upon them all.” (AMPC)


What is Potential?

  • Having power to impress on others the ideas of certain qualities, though the qualities are not inherent in the thing.

  • Anything that may be possible.

  • To express the power, possibility, liberty, or necessity of an action or of being.

Do you realize that God has given you great potential?

The possibilities for your life are vast, of great magnitude. Many people don’t realize (haven’t quite grasp, or understand, or maybe even appreciate) what the Lord could do through them; and because of this, they greatly underestimate, undervalue, underate, and misjudge the potential within them. Are you part of the many? If so, you are shortchanging yourself, cheating yourself, treating yourself as not worthy, and achieving less than the best God has for your life.

But there is still hope! You can take hold of all God created you to enjoy, especially a fulfilling, fruitful, history-changing relationship with the Lord. Few people get to experience this type of life —not because God limits His availability, presence, or authority but because so few commit (give, entrust, devote) themselves to knowing Him in such a profound intimacy and fellowship. How do we get to know God in such a special way; by talking with him, reading his biography (the Bible), and abiding in Him.

Hear me out—you can take hold of all that God has for you. The Lord is infinite (limitless) and when He pours Himself into you, you take on His power, His wisdom, and His strength. There is no limit to how He can multiply your efforts to accomplish His purposes.

I will sum it up this way with an excerpt from the late Dr. Myles Munroe’s book (Unlock your Potential: Becoming your best you):

Your personality, abilities, and resources are God’s gifts bestowed on you before He gave you the breath of life, and they contain the possibility for bringing meaning and fulfillment into your life. They are available, however, only to those who put forth the effort to recover them and to use them according to their God-given specifications. Learning to tap the hidden wealth of your potential is the greatest task and the most pressing need of your life, because if you do not discover how to expose and use this treasure, you will die with it. This wealth, which is the all-surpassing power of God within you, is never given to be buried. God wants you to release all He gave you for the benefit of others and the blessing of your own life.

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