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One Soul! One Beat! One Love!

What has become of One Soul, One Beat, One Love?

Has anyone seen her?

She's searching for her voice,

Speaking to be heard,

Seeking to be whole.

Are you in the know, of One Soul, One Beat, One Love?

Who has become the Conductor of her melody?

Her heart once swayed to the rhythm of the street

That echoed

Touch me,

Hold me,

Talk to me,

Do you see me?

She now radiates with the Fruit of the Spirit.

Accentuated by the Presence of the Holy One.

Her face wears the expression of Hope,

That illuminates even in the darkest of time.

Her smile sparks a fire unable to be contained,

and a wellspring of life unable to be restrained.

But where did she come from,

One Soul, One beat, One Love.

Living a life, that was not living at all,

Marching to the cadence of someone else's song,

Distracted by a tune with dried-up savor,

Missing the taste of her own unique flavor.

We need you back! One Soul, One Beat, One Love.

There she is, she's stepping out?

From the non-existing life that had her bound.

Ready to be Sought!

Ready to be Found!

Her head held up, her wings spread wide.

Fly you beautiful Eagle, fly!

So, you may be wondering who this could be.

One Soul, One Beat, One love...

She's Me!

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