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Wow! there it goes again...

Have you ever gotten to a point where you just wanted to slap your own head for allowing the same thoughts that brought you down the first time to raise their ugly little craniums, and try to do it again? Yeah, it was there for a moment and then Spirit reminded me to give them the one, two, okie doke. Here I am just minding my own business, trying to stay productive, then knock, knock, knock… “this is subconscious and just in case you had forgotten, I’m reminding you that your dream still hasn’t come true”. To hell with you I tell it and allow vision to resurface and give strength to my quest for retelling my story.

Stop judging me, I know I’m not the only one on this journey. We are truly grateful to the Good Lord, for giving us another day to live with hope and expectancy. Even when the picture we’re trying to paint is still a blank canvas. Nevertheless, God knows the plans that He has for our lives. Plans that will prosper us and give us that long awaited future we’ve been hoping for.

Keep Hope Alive is the mantra for the time being. Better yet, keep hope alive period. It just makes sense to hope for something, then for nothing, because without it…nothing is the only thing that would exist, and I refuse to settle for that, and neither should you.

Ok, ok, things may not be going the way we would like, right now, but hope deferred is not hope denied. Sounds better than it’s feeling, however, let’s take a chance and hold on to it.

Hey hope, what’s on the agenda for tomorrow…say what, sufficient are you for what’s going on today. Well, all I can do is nod my head to that and keep pushing forward.

Peep this though, since we are still alive today, we have a shot at a fabulous tomorrow, so hold your head up and let me see that smile! Alright, alright smiling looks good on you!

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