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Confidence Check!

Hebrews Chapter 10 verse 35 says, "Therefore, do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward."

This verse is a powerful reminder for Christians to hold on to faith and trust in God's promises, even in the face of trials and challenges.

This kind of confidence doesn't come from our own strength or abilities. It comes from our relationship with God. When we spend time in prayer and in his Word, we are reminded of his promises and his faithfulness. We are filled with the Holy Spirit, who empowers us to overcome the challenges we face.

But one may ask, “what does it mean to throw away our confidence?” It can happen when we allow fear, doubt, or discouragement to overshadow our faith in God. It can also happen when we compromise our beliefs or give in to temptation, thereby compromising our trust in God.

The author of Hebrews urges us not to throw away our confidence. Instead, we are to hold on to it and remember that it has a great reward. That reward is the assurance of God's love and care for us, both in this life and in the life to come.

So, if you're feeling discouraged today, struggling with your health, relationships, finances, or other difficulties, remember Hebrews 10:35. Don't give up on your faith or your dreams. Hold onto your confidence in God and trust that he will reward you for your perseverance. Spend time in prayer and in his Word, and allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with the strength and courage you need to keep going!

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